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“I have been training with Daniel at the Health & Racquet Club for a couple of years and find him to be an excellent trainer. He cares about progress, keeps the sessions varied, has helped me very much with strength, balance and flexibility, and brings in cardio and nutrition as needed in a very comprehensive approach. He is a competent, highly motivating person who loves what he does and achieves results.” -Elena Howard​​​

“Daniel has been training me at Health and Racquet Club. He has tremendous depth and range of knowledge including free weights, kettlebells, boot camp routines, and other functional exercise routines. He is a consummate professional, safety conscious, and an excellent motivator. During my time with him I have lost a lot weight and have had explosive strength gains. He is an outstanding trainer and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone. He is five-rated trainer.”   

-Brian Halber​

“I have trained with Daniel at least twice a week for the last three years both as a private client and as a member of HRC. Though my general level of fitness was high when we first began to train together, Daniel still found a way to push me to the next level and he continues to challenge me with innovative exercises and increasingly difficult progressions after all this time. He is incredibly easy to get along with but he takes his craft seriously, so don't expect a chat-filled therapy session when you show up for your workout. If you train with Daniel and keep up your end of the bargain in terms of proper nutrition and exercise on your own time, you WILL see your body transformed.” -Jordana Ingber Grunfeld

“Danny totally changed my body!! I started training with Danny 7 months before my wedding with pretty lofty goals in mind. I was determined to lose 40lbs and look great in my wedding dress. Danny customized a personal work out for me for our twice a week sessions. He really took the time to design a plan that worked for my body and would help me achieve my goals. He also provided me cardio plans for the days I wasn't working out with him, helped me to create a diet that would keep me on track and generally kept me motivated. Danny is a very knowledgeable trainer and he continues to keep himself educated on the latest fitness trends and information. But beyond being really good at what he does, Danny is a really nice guy who truly cares about his clients and in 100% invested in their success. At the end of my 7 months with him I achieved all of my goals and more and felt amazing in my wedding dress!! I highly recommend him as a trainer!!” 

-Sarah Kamin Rosen​

“Danny is a fitness SCIENTIST! I have some major issues to work around -- arthritic, post-surgery knees that are pretty close to requiring knee replacement, chronic shoulder pain, and an arm broken and scarred in a car accident. I've worked with lots of other trainers, and have no complaints, but Danny's been the absolute best at thinking through how to work around and work with my body to get me to achieve things I never thought possible. Both my upper and lower body strength are better than they've been in years of working out. Danny is thoughtful, inspiring, and creative. Whatever your fitness level or your issues, he'll figure out how to get you to a better place.” -Robin Hafitz​​​

“After many years (and a lot of money) trying to find a way to deal with the problems that result from Scoliosis, and finally, Osteo-arthritis in the hip and shoulder, I found Daniel Omokha as a trainer.  I have worked with physical therapists through Beth Israel and Lenox Hill.  I took yoga classes for many years.  I went to chiropractors and worked with other personal trainers.  I even spent a lot of money on an acupuncturist.  My spinal pain finally required very unpleasant cortisone injections that still left me unable to walk more than a city block a month later. Working with Daniel as a trainer for the past seven years has changed my everyday life.  I can actually have fun again walking around with my camera in the city and I can casually stand in a social setting without pain.  The commitment Daniel makes to building and healing the body is precious to me.  He is a true sports trainer who has developed a system and sensitivity to bringing a limping body back to strength.  Equally, he is highly respected for serious physical development and strength training.” -Katherine Peticolas​

“I have been training with Danny for 3 years now. I am extremely happy with the results so far. Danny has been instrumental in getting me back into shape and motivated. I always look forward to my sessions with him as I know they will always be challenging and rewarding. The sessions are structured and Danny spends a lot of time outside of the gym designing the best program that is fit for your goal and needs. He also sends me recaps of the different programs we go through so we can track the progress. His experience in TRX bands and boxing also makes a big difference in the overall experience. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for a Personal Trainer.” -Anthony Dewell

“I trained with Daniel for about 8 months in 2011-12. At the time I was recovering from a back injury and unsure of what I could do safely. Daniel took that into account and designed a very diverse program (never, ever boring!) that got me into great shape. He is very motivating, safety conscious and extremely passionate and knowledgeable about his profession. He's also a really nice guy. During my training, I went on a hiking trip. At one point I was leading the pack up steep terrain at 5,000 feet and couldn't believe how amazing I felt -- and I owed it to Daniel! Highly recommended.” -Lisa D’Angelo​

“Danny is a top trainer, thoughtful, creative in approach and truly listens to clients and helps them achieve their goals. He loves what he is doing and its apparent in how he works with his clients. I have been working out with Danny 2-3 times a week with the goal of building up my core for a half marathon I just completed. He helped me reach this goal and helped ensure I ran a great, injury-free, strong race. I highly recommend him to anyone.” -Miriam Mason​

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