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Boot Camp


Inspired by the military and widely considered as the one of the earliest pioneering forms of exercise, boot camp training has been around for hundreds of years. It is a high intensity interval training modality that builds endurance, burns fat and improves strength. Just like body weight training, it is an ideal mix of aerobic and anaerobic training and has served as an outlet for people who get bored with their gym training.

Danny has extensive knowledge in this area having earned continued education credits through IDEA Health and Fitness Association. Although common boot camp exercises like burpees and mountain climbers rely on just the body weight, props like medicine balls, tires, battle ropes and sleds can make it much more challenging and fun! Boot camp also encourages the fostering of camaraderie and social support due to its dynamic style of allowing participants work together in groups. Whether in a gym, a park or even your living room, boot camp training is guaranteed to make you sweat and burn tons of calories!

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