90-Pound Weighted Dips​

The Parallel Bar Dip is a compound movement that engages the long head of the triceps, anterior deltoid and pectoralis muscle group. Considered by many as one of the most effective triceps exercise, this movement can be performed with extra resistance for added mass and strength. Here I perform 5 reps with 90 pounds attached around my waist.

95-Pound Overhead Press w/ Green Band​s​

The Overhead Press is the second most effective upper body compound movement for lean muscle and pure strength (the Bench Press being the first). The execution of this movement requires virtually every muscle of the torso and core musculature from the anterior shoulder muscles and triceps to the anterior core and lumbar extensors. In this video, I have a medium-resistance strength band looped around each end of the barbell which forces me to 'press' and explode harder in the concentric portion of the movement. This yields better strength gains and increased hypertrophy.

225-Pound Barbell Rows​​

The 'Row' is one of the best exercises for increasing strength and size in the upper and middle back region. It specifically targets the latissimus dorsi (wing-liked shaped muscles that run diagonally), lower back, posterior shoulder muscles and secondarily engages the biceps. It is generally performed with a dumbbell, barbell or on a seated machine. In this video, I perform 5 reps with a 225-pound barbell as part of a strength program.

Reverse Lunge w/ Kettlebell Clean Grip

This is a fantastic exercise that engages both my anterior and posterior chain in one single movement. In this video, I perform a reverse lunge while holding a pair of kettlebells in a front squat/clean grip. Although my quads and hamstrings are still being worked a great deal, the positioning of the kettlebells allow a great emphasis on my anterior core musculature, making my abdominals get a workout as well.

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