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Daniel Omokha, Danny Omokha, DanielOmokha, DannyOmokha

Body Weight Exercises


For some of us with hectic schedules and ongoing family commitments, access to a gym can be impossible, thereby making exercise seem like a daunting task. Danny has earned continued education credits in body weight training through IDEA Health and Fitness Association and realizes this challenge in society. He customizes training programs that rely solely on one’s body weight. So many exercises do not require the use of exercise machines and equipment and can be performed just about anywhere. The squat, push-up, plank, lunge and jumping jacks are examples of some amazing exercises that can be performed right in the comfort of a living room and when performed at the right intensity can illicit as great a physiological response as traditional barbell and dumbbell exercises. Other exercises like the step-up, dips and pull-up requires a prop (i.e. chair, park bench, pull-up bar, etc) to be performed.

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